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Growing up with epilepsy was like scaling a mountain blindfolded, a challenge that taught me resilience and the immense potential for change, regardless of the size of the obstacle.

This condition wasn’t just a boundary; it was a catalyst for my relentless perseverance. Where learning to read was effortless for others, for me, it required relearning how to think, to absorb and then comprehend the world. As a child, I grieved the hardships these hurdles brought. Today, I cherish them, for they were the experiences I needed to build resilience. It was through the lens of epilepsy that I discovered the transformative power of the subconscious mind and its role in charting the course of our lives.

Epilepsy underscored the truth that life demands effort and comprehension. Psychology emerged as a natural path in my quest for self-discovery and awareness. Seizures, the epitome of disassociation, posed the profound question: How can one understand the self that seems so distant? My journey through psychology and wellness is deeply personal. I’ve sought to unravel the complex tapestry of human emotion, from the amazing highs to the depths of perceived limitations. Our essence isn’t random; it’s carefully woven into our beings during the formative years. Refusing to be tied to my childhood narrative, psychology became my compass.

In my mental health practice, I’ve had the honor of guiding a variety of clients through their own stories—from children grappling with trauma to adults cultivating self-awareness. Each client’s story is a testament to how childhood dialogues reverberate into adulthood, shaping beliefs and relationships. My core tenet is that mental health is a cornerstone of comprehensive wellness. My mission is to help clients reconcile their past beliefs with who they are in the present.

Empathy and compassion are the foundations of my approach, ensuring a nonjudgmental space for personal narratives to breathe. Acknowledging the symbiosis of mental, physical, and spiritual health, I employ a myriad of therapeutic strategies—relational, cognitive-behavioral, EMDR, solution-focused, mindfulness—to aid in the healing of trauma, anxiety, depression, and beyond.

My goal with each client is to create a non-judgmental and caring environment so it is safe to share the full story of their life and what influences them.

My passion is to empower clients to share their stories with authenticity, acknowledging the full spectrum of their life experiences. It’s a profound privilege to observe the healing that ensues from integrating mental, physical, and spiritual practices into one’s daily regimen. As I continue this journey, my commitment is to nurture a space where healing blooms, and true selves can thrive, ready to embrace the unfolding path of life.

It’s important to feel connected and comfortable with your therapist. I invite you to a free 15-minute phone consultation.


Available in Calfornia and Florida

I am a member of the National Association of Divorce Professionals and am a licensed Marriage and Family therapist in both Florida (MT3190) and California (LMFT39260).

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