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You’re Not A Mess. You’re Under Construction.

When you’re ready to confront what it is that’s concerning you, it helps to have a neutral and skilled observer with a fresh perspective. Each person has their own unique experiences, which should serve as a blueprint to inform their life rather than limit. Fear, grief, loss, depression, relationship issues — these are all part of life. There’s no shame in experiencing them. Through identifying traumatic life events and exploring them through the use of various therapeutic interventions, each client uncovers their true nature by aligning their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  I help people convert limitations into growth and self-mastery.

Fear is a threat of future loss. It provides information as to where past hurts and wounds are located. When a fear is named it begins to lose its power. Together we work through your fears and identify irrational thoughts, which may be perpetuating the fear. When a fear is understood it can be converted to a goal and becomes strength.

Grief or depression can be triggered by any loss, such as a loved one passing, divorce, breakups, job loss, health issues, moving, and a myriad of other life transitions. Sometimes pain can be so overwhelming that a person seeks comfort in alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, or food. I get it. There are alternatives to self-harm and we will figure out what works best for you, together.

Divorce and break-ups can be challenging. They often leave more questions than answers, not only about what happened, but who you’ve become as a result. Positive or negative, the transformation can be far removed from who you were. This is a massive opportunity for personal development. Together we will uncover the gift of self-knowledge contained in the end of a relationship with another and bring you back into a conscious relationship with yourself.

Regardless of your reason to pursue therapy, my goal is to help you navigate the road between where you are now and where you want to arrive. Exploring pivotal environmental factors, negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, the effects of trauma, and behavioral habits will help get you there. You will leave each session with actionable steps — things that may push your comfort zone but you are then ready to do — and we’ll chart your progress together. Let’s get started with a free 15-minute phone consultation.


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