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How Do Stories Shape Reality?

In this episode, I chat with Natalie Kusturic, a Licensed Marriage, And Family Therapist. We talked about the amazing parallels between what I do rewriting my clients’ brand stories so they’ll be able to connect better with their audiences and improve their lives through their products and services. And a therapist is, in essence, rewriting painful stories clients tell themselves in order to achieve self-awareness and joy. If you are a marketer or entrepreneur, you’re in for quite an inspiring conversation to help you polish your visual storytelling skills. I am a great believer that in this day and age, it’s important to talk to not only people in your industry but people outside your industry to get fresh perspectives. This is where true innovation comes from.

Doree & Natalie | Season 2 – Episode 6

Resentment Keeps Us Connected to Betrayer – Obstacles to Forgiveness

In this episode, we discuss the obstacles to forgiveness and why it is so difficult to forgive. Forgiveness does not mean that what someone did is okay. We are not in agreement with someone’s bad, or negative actions toward us when we forgive. It helps us more than it helps someone else.

Doree & Natalie | Season 2 – Episode 5

Don’t Be A Victim-Forgive!

When we are not able to forgive the negativity spills out into other parts of our lives and it hurts us by leaving us in a victim role. In this episode, we talk about the signs that you need to forgive and how not forgiving hurts you more.

Doree & Natalie | Season 2 – Episode 4

Resentment is Like a Permanent Tattoo

In this special episode, my daughter surprises us at the beginning of us recording this episode and becomes a part of the conversation and the star. Out of the mouth of babes comes wisdom beyond her years that demonstrates how we start off understanding forgiveness and quickly make decisions based from what we want to happen vs. what we really feel. Thank you for your support and remember that we love to hear from you. Any feedback is always appreciated.

Doree & Natalie | Season 2 – Episode 3

The Signs That You Need to Forgive

How do you know that you need to forgive? We have all been through it, and know how hard it is, but do you know it can take a toll on you and it’s actually hurting you to not forgive? In this episode, we focus on the signs that you need to forgive and how that will help you move on. Thank you for your support and remember that we love to hear from you. Any feedback is always appreciated.


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