Fire & Ice: What is at the Heart of your Personality

Nick Kusturic

By Nick Kusturic Lic. Ap, Herbalist, Taiji Instructor

Say hello to Daenerys, she possesses an affectionate, expressive, and optimistic free spirit. She is a natural leader, concerned about others and their well-being. Determined and passionate, she seeks to spark the flame of passion in herself and everyone around her. She finds it easy to involve herself with the needs of others, willing to lend a helping hand and solve problems.

Due to her radiance and warmth she is quite irresistible, noticed the moment she enters a room. Wonderful with articulating her thoughts through speech, she is an excellent conversationalist. These attributes make her a good teacher, speaker and motivator. Generosity and openness causes her to wear her heart on her sleeve. Daenerys is also somewhat materialistic, and cares about her appearance; always well dressed and clean. She is driven, seeking the pinnacle of success. A romantic at heart, when it comes to intimacy and pleasure, she may even be insatiable. In fact she delights in feeling good, looking good, and wants others to experience it as well.

Much like the fire element, represented by the heart organ, joy is the motive force. Fulfilling desires and excitement to keep the fire burning is the main focus for these individuals. So Daenerys’ devotion and driven nature can sometimes be obsessive causing the fire to burn, leading to heat in the heart. When this overload happens, she can develop anxiety, confusion, restlessness, insomnia, nightmares, excessive perspiration (esp. of the hands and feet), heart enlargement, and hypertension to name a few. Under this stress, Daenerys will be hypersensitive, impulsive, nervous, dependent and unable to focus. The heart qi (energy) and blood can easily stagnate leading to chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, headache, depression, and irritability. When she cannot sustain the interests and excitement of her own, and others, she can easily exhaust the qi of the heart. The description above can turn into fatigue, pale complexion, shortness of breath, depressed, cold extremities, low blood pressure and anemia. She will begin to feel vulnerable, withdrawn, and insecure. Soon enough this pattern can consume the qi and blood of the heart leading to further anemia, dizziness, poor memory, blurred vision, palpitations and insomnia.

Fire is warming, embracing and forward reaching. Like the rising sun, fire is the light and motive force of life. Without it life would not exist, the cold and dark would prevail. The spirit of vitality would disappear from our eyes and our very soul. In order to balance the fire type, gentle ways to inhibit their excessive nature is needed. This requires awareness of patterns and the discipline to control them. Staying hydrated and avoiding excessive amounts of hot and drying foods is a start. Avoiding any form of overindulgence in alcohol, sugar, caffeine, chili, red meat, and spicy herbs to name a few, is important. This also includes avoidance of extreme external heat. A practice of solitude, quite contemplation is required to regain inner peace and clarity of motivation. This can be achieved through meditation, yoga, tai chi, or even hiking. Fire types would benefit being near the water and taking on sports that suit them. When in harmony a fire personality can motivate the world!


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