What to Expect

In the right environment, therapy is a safe place to explore who you are and who you want to be.

Once you’ve made your first appointment, we will meet online over a HIPPA compliant video platform. I’ll have you sign forms so you are clear about what therapy involves. I’ll then do an assessment to find out what brings you here, what you believe to be the most pressing issue, and what else needs to be addressed and in what priority. We will set goals together. This will guide our sessions, with allowances made for whatever Life throws at you, as needed.

Regardless of age or experience, we’re on a mission – together – to rediscover YOU. I’m going to ask you some hard questions, and grant you the space to answer them.  I’m not here to define you, to tell you what’s wrong with you, or to insist who you should be. Your experience is yours. I’m here to help you make sense of it all, to uncover any perceived blocks and to discover the lessons in the losses. — to gain self-mastery.

Change is the constant in life. You may not want change but it is happening. Imagine what it would be like to consciously change in the direction of what your heart desires. You can create anything. I’m here for you. Let’s start.

The Benefits of
Online Therapy

The world is changing at a rapid pace urging us to evolve and shift how we interact with each other and receive services. While there is always a time for face-to-face therapy it’s not always necessary or easy to fit into a busy life. 

Online therapy is convenient. There is no need to fight traffic and a busy schedule to take care of yourself. Online therapy can be arranged to fit your schedule and meet your needs. Too often when life gets busy the first thing which is taken off the to do list is self care. If this is you then online therapy may be for you.

Tele-therapy has been proven to be equally effective treatment modality for list issues like depression, anxiety etc.


transform the world one person at a time by encouraging a release from shame and fear into unconditional self-love.


assist each client to remove perceived blocks, revealing their authentic self

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