Know Thyself – Socrates

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Regardless of age or experience, we’re on a mission–together–to rediscover YOU. I’m going to ask you some hard questions, and grant you the space to answer them. I’m not here to define you, to tell you what’s wrong with you, or to insist who you should be. Your experience is yours. I’m here to help you make sense of it all, to uncover any perceived blocks and to discover the lessons in the losses. This is pivotal on the road to self-mastery.


My mission is to assist each client in removing perceived blocks and revealing their authentic self. I want to transform the world one person at a time by encouraging a release from shame and fear into unconditional self-love.

My values are love, honesty, compassion, and integrity.  This is what I live by. I don’t know any other way.


enhanced self-care

you matter.

Concierge Therapy was created to meet the needs of busy clients who require more freedom and flexibility in their demanding lives.

couples therapy

it’s not the end.

In the last 15 years I have assisted countless couples to move through
the ups and downs of relationships to uncover greater joy and satisfaction.

individual therapy

you’re not a mess. you’re under construction.

Difficulties are a part of life. Sometimes a person needs a neutral professional to offer a fresh perspective.



The study of psychology and wellness, in general, has been a very personal journey spanning decades. It’s culminated in the credentials and experience to get just about anyone through just about anything.


  • Natalie consistently communicates that people can create positive changes in their lives regardless of their past. This energizing approach is grounded by her genuine efforts to understand the individual. She does not shy away from exploring painful areas of one’s life nor does she force optimism on you.

    September 2016
  • I’ve only spent two weeks talking with Natalie and I already have a completely different mindset on my situation. She is extremely intuitive. She knows what questions to ask and what topics to expand on to help. She is kind, compassionate, and amazing at what she does.

    September 2016
  • It’s only been a short while and we are still very early in our therapy but I am enjoying my experience. Natalie is quick with responses, which is comforting. She makes me feel like I am important.

    July 2016


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Join me for a #Singles Support Group where we will be discussing sex, virtual relationships, loneliness and more in the time of #coronavirus.

You are not in this reality
by accident.

You are here to fearlessly
explore all your desires
and passions.

Life becomes a struggle
the moment you start
ignoring yourself
by setting aside
your passions and dreams
in favour of what society,
culture and others
want you to do.

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